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NFC rings merge RFID technology with wearable fashion, offering a compact, stylish accessory that interacts with RFID-enabled devices. NFC rings enable users to execute tasks like secure area access or data sharing with a hand gesture, blending convenience and security in a modern design.

RFID Rings
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RFID Rings
Silone Magcard Inc.

Silone specializes in custom RFID Rings, handling everything from design to production. Our expertise ensures high-quality, tailored rings that meet specific IoT and RFID needs, focusing on precision and efficiency for perfect application alignment.

RFID-Enabled Technologies for Rings

RFID rings are a stylish blend of technology and fashion, streamlining daily activities. They enable keyless entry for homes, offices, and vehicles, and simplify contactless payments for transactions.

NFC, LF, HF, and UHF RFID Options

Catering to a range of applications from close-range access control to long-range asset tracking.

Active and Passive RFID

Choose from self-powered or environmentally activated options for diverse operational demands.

RFID Rings Are A Stylish Blend Of Technology And Fashion, Streamlining Daily Activities. They Enable Keyless Entry For Homes, Offices, And Vehicles, And Simplify Contactless Payments For Transactions.
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Our team of experts across every facet of manufacturing, from initial design to full-scale production. Our broad-ranging capabilities position us to support your business’s growth at every step of its journey.

Why Choose Silone?

Advanced Integration

Harnessing the power of RFID and IoT for a connected future.

Tailored Solutions

Custom-designed RFID / IoT to fit unique operational contexts.

Quality and Innovation

Commitment to excellence in every product.

Silone Magcard Inc.

Discover the potential of Silone’s RFID Rings. Contact us to learn how our technology can be a game-changer for your business or personal needs.

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